Monday, November 09, 2015

A Very Special Delivery

I know I seem to be practically married to my Mulberrys but that doesn't mean I won't allow another brand in my closet - at least as a bit "on the side". In August I had discovered and then subsequently backed Strathberry in their Kickstarter campaign and my newly made MC Midi was delivered at the end of October.

Apparently I was remarkably restrained in my unboxing, so if you fancy seeing me carefully unwrap my precious new bag, you can watch it here.

First impressions:

Nicely wrapped and packed. Big box, inside which I find the Strathberry branded box. The bag comes in its own dustbag and I get a couple of envelopes, one which contains some info on leather care and the other one with a small credit card sized card with a 10% discount code for my next order.

Lovely quality. The stitching, the leather, the soft gold hardware, the subtle branding. Everything quietly, yet confidently whispers quality, craftsmanship and understated style.

I'm surprised though to see that two different hides seem to have been used, the grain is slightly different between the main body and the zip pocket on the front. Not really something I'd even have noticed a while ago - goes to show that I am getting a tad to obsessed with this whole handbag stuff.

Smaller than I thought, feels a bit like an Anti-Tardis, as the outside is reasonably big but I can't see myself fitting a huge amount in. Maybe I am just too used to soft-sided bags - this one is certainly very structured.

The outside pocket with the beautifully running zip will be really useful for bits and bobs that I want to access quickly though I won't be able to put anything bulky in there.

When I open the bag, i.e. its top flap, the leather creases and wrinkles. It will be interesting to see whether these wrinkles will settle or affect the design.

The style looks formal but quirky enough to juxtapose with a casual outfit. I probably still prefer the look of the Nano or Mini though those would be prohibitively small.

Width: 34cm (13.5"), Height: 24.5cm (9.5"), Depth: 8.5cm (3.5"), Handle drop: 7cm (2.75")

All in all very happy with my purchase - I am really picking to find fault here - and I shall report back after I've used her a few times. 


  1. What a lovely color that is!
    It's a gorgeous bag-use it in the very best of health. ;-)

    1. Yes, I went a bit safe but it I think it's a keeper for life - and that should be a timeless colour!
      Thanks, Linda. :)

  2. Just curious, has the bag wrinkled over time?

    1. A tiny bit on the top flap, not too much. It's not a daily used bag though, so I couldn't comment on whether it would with heavier use. I'd advise to keep the leather supple by regularly treating it with Collonil or the likes though. :)

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