Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gone Ringless: My New Planner

So after pondering over going ringless for ages, I finally moved out of my Filofax. I decided Field Note size inserts would be worth a try and started out with a lovely handmade "Raydori" (which you can order here) and moved into a Naked Cow Cover shortly after that, as I just needed space for more inserts.

Have a look at my current setup - I really like the size and the flexibility this system is giving me. And as DIYFish inserts come in this size for you to print as well, it was an easy transition.

Apologies for the abrupt end: that was my phone running out of space.
  • The inserts are from DIYFish 
  • The plastic insert is a Passport cover I bought at a German Müller
  • The homemade Kraft style insert was made following instructions from Ray's blog

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