Thursday, February 11, 2016

Birthday Bag

There is a bit of a story behind this bag.

I had been going back and forth over what to get for my Mulberry voucher: There was the flirtation with Roxette. Then the infatuation with Cara. And the back and forth around her. I now started to look at the Kite - but for all of them I found one or more reasons not to take the plunge. 

And then my mum asked me for some "bag advice". Literally 2 minutes before little M and I were about to go through to our gate. We had spent 2 weeks at my parents' and not once had my mum asked. No, she remembered to ask just as we were about to wave goodbye. Anyway, I rolled my eyes and said, that this was really something to have a longer chat about, for example whether she wanted something structured or slouchy. "Oh, like that grey bag I have. Just another colour. And something a bit more... special..." We said our goodbyes and just before boarding I sent her an email with a few suggestions, namely these:

 Mulberry Small Bayswater Double Zip Tote Regal Blue
the Small Bayswater Satchel in Regal Blue

 Strathberry tote burgundy
The Strathberry Tote in Burgundy

 Strathberry Midi Tote Navy
And the Strathberry Midi Tote in Navy

Her reply was something along the lines of "Oh, that Mulberry is lovely but £840 [it was in the sale] is rather a lot" and I decided I'd finish all my dithering and we'd all give her the bag for her upcoming birthday.

Luckily Mulberry Manchester had one in store and a quick visit on Saturday (where I restrained myself immensely and didn't look at anything else, as little M and Mr. G were with me) resulted in me going home with this lovely bag.

So just before I bubblewrapped it, I squeezed in a review... and thought that this one might be for myself as well... here we go again. *sigh*

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