Monday, February 15, 2016

Head vs. Heart

Ok, so maybe I am over-dramatising a bit. (Me? Never!) But seriously: after I figured out only recently that the oh-so-coveted Strathberry Tote had a serious design flaw, which made it impossible for me to use as a work bag, I thought I'd step back for a bit and re-consider. 

Though said issue won't be as deal-breaking in the smaller-sized Midi Tote, I hadn't planned on jumping straight onto the next want-this-Strathberry story. And then they send me an email, which goes all "AW 2016 Preview" (*insert mocking voice*) and shows me this. 

 Strathberry Midi Tote Charcoal Tri Colour, £450 

This has to be my favourite: such a classy grey, inject a bit of pretty, whimsy and fun with a pastel shade in lilac but prevent it from going 00's 2-tone by adding navy. I'm already building an outfit around it. And I don't do that.

Strathberry Midi Tote Metallic Dusty Pink 

 Strathberry Midi Tote Metallic Dusty Pink, £475

Dusty Pink - whatever. That looks rose gold to me and rose-gold anything is a "yes, yes, yes!" in my book. Oh, and to top it off it's saffiano, which doesn't only add some weighty texture to prevent it looking all shiny and twee but also makes it more resistant to scrapes and smudges. My inner German loves it.

Strathberry Midi Tote Black Haircalf, £495 

Never been a big fan of haircalf when Mulberry did it. Usually that was done on slouchy bags, such as the Alexa and I just always thought it looks a bit like a cuddly toy you're carrying around but also that it's so unpractical as it will, eventually, go bald. No danger in thinking anything cuddly with this structured bag. It just is so perfect juxtaposed against the clear lines. And I don't care about the bald. I'll tell the inner German to shut up.

I mean, what am I even supposed to do?!

Don't answer that.

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