Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mulberry Mitzy - Which One Is That?!

Whilst the Mulberry Mitzy might not appeal to everybody looks-wise, there is no denying, that's it a really useful bag. With prices from new at £325 for the messenger, it's also really good value for money, especially if you use it every day. 

But - how many Mulberry Mitzys are there?
Well, there is the Mitzy Hobo, which comes in two sizes, the Messenger, the East West Hobo and the Tote. (There is also the Sofia, which is very similar to the Mitzy, just a bit girlier. Oh, and then there is the pouch and the clutch but we won't include those here.) 

It used to come in a variety of leathers, including different shades of purple (eggplant, rouge noir, blueberry), a leopard print in oak and purple but is now mainly available in oak and black - at least from new at the outlets.

I thought it would be useful to list the above mentioned models and as I didn't have photographs for all of them, the lovely Shian at Naughtipidgin's Nest let me use some of hers. By the way, the Nest is a fab place to research bag styles anyway as even sold items are still viewable - just use the search function!

Anyway, back to the Mitzy - here they all are!

Mitzy Hobo M
Short strap
W40cm, H31cm, D9cm

Mitzy Hobo L
Short strap
W48cm, H42cm, D9cm

Mitzy Messenger
Long strap
W40cm, H31cm, D9cm

Long and short strap
W47cm, H31cm, D9cm

Two handles and a long strap
W45cm, H34cm, D20cm

Hope you found this useful Which one is your favourite?


  1. Mitzys are great 'work horse' type bags. I use my Mitzi hobo ( large) as an overnight bag, a travel bag and it is durable and looks great. The Mitzy tote I use as an everyday bag for work or carting files and my lap top around in. It again is a brilliant strong durable bag and does not need to be babied!

    1. The only reason I sold mine was that I am quite short and the strap was too long for me - I kept tripping over it! :)

  2. Love all the Mitzy bags TBH - but East West is my absolute favourite 😍


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