Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Bag Collection: Mulberry Alexa

It might look like I have lots and lots of bags but many of them come and go. If you know me and/or my blog you will be well aware that a bag is really only allowed to stay if it is practical and if I get good use out of it. Ok, exceptions apply, but I tend to think that it's pretty pointless to have a bag sat in your wardrobe. Get it out. Use it. And if it doesn't work for you: move it on.

This is the second post in my series of giving you a bit more info on the bags that are "keepers". After showing you what's so great about the Mulberry Mini Alexa, I am now going to tell you why the regular Alexa is one of my most used bags!

Mulberry Alexa (Regular) in Black Soft Buffalo Leather

33cm wide, 23cm high, 16.5cm deep

Postman Lock and magnetic strap closure. Fully lined. Interior slip and interior zip pocket. Removable and adjustable strap.

Heavily inspired by the traditional satchel shape (though deeper), the Alexa is probably most known for its slouchy shape and rock'n'roll style. This is my ultimate "just throw it on" bag, due to its size, long strap (you know how much I like to carry my bags cross body) and low maintenance leather. More casual than a typical workbag, I use it for work nevertheless and think it works absolutely fine - especially in black.

When do I use her
At the moment this is my daily work commute bag. (My laptop doesn't fit, so that goes into a separate, simple sleeve.) As I said above: this is my go-to bag and if I can't decide which one to take, I usually end up taking my Alexa.

Samorga insert for Alexa, Van der Spek Nomad (TN-sized Midori) with pen, Naked Cow FN-sized Midori with 4 inserts & pen, pencil case, Mulberry French Purse, travel card, access card, various charger cable, tissues, handcream, lip salve, inhalers, ibuprofen, various letters & paperwork, compact shopping bag, keys*,  work phone* & iPhone*
*yes, I forgot these in the pics

Recommended Care
Use Collonil Gel for cleaning and nourishing and finish off with Collonil Waterstop spray to protect.

For further info (including how to convert it to a rucksack!) have a look at the various reviews I've done on the Alexa
Alexa - general
Alexa - with Samorga 
Alexa - as baby bag
Alexa - strap conversion

Which one is your go-to bag?

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