Monday, May 09, 2016

Taking On Argentina - A-ha in Buenos Aires

My blog's first guest post! Who would have thought it's not about clothes or bags, huh? 

After my post last week on A-ha in Mannheim, Paula Pena Amaya got in touch and asked whether she could share her experience from a Buenos Aires gig - so here we go!

"Well, a bit difficult and sad to write about this first show of their tour on the same day they´re ending it… but I´ll try anyway… 

A-ha - Cast In Steel - Buenos Aires - 2015 Luna Park, September 24th

I must confess I didn't have many expectations about the gig. In fact, I was about no to  go! After a hard week, coming home after work , changing clothes and going out again didn't seem to be the best plan for a rainy Thursday evening. But I went all the same… and thank God I did!! The concert was not perfect. It was evident that there hadn't been much rehearsal beforehand, but the atmosphere and the energy that surrounded us were enough to make it unforgettable for everyone there. 

The members of the band were very kind with the audience, specially Morten, who said some really nice words about how well they felt every time they came here. 

"It´s wonderful to be here, to come back here. You´re a brilliant, wonderful audience. Thank you so much. Every time we've been here, we've met with the same: you're such warmth, and we love you. Thank you all.

Regarding the music, it was wonderful as always! The setlist was similar to the ones played in the following gigs, with very few changes (for instance, the opening theme was The Wake. Not a strong enough song to begin with, in my opinion…). Another difference was that they had no backing singer. 

I believe it´s not necessary to say that all of us got back home that night immersed in nostalgia, a feeling quite hard to describe… For me, 24 years had passed since the last time I had seen them live, but nothing (or everything, really!) had changed… Although I've experienced and matured a lot during these years, that night I felt I was the same 17-year-old girl of June 9th, 1991. Thank you a-ha for this magic time trip! And farewell!"

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  1. Paula, I can´t agree more! In spite of the fact that I expected more songs from the new album, I wasn´t disappointed. much on the contrary, I was thrilled with the experience of seeing A-ha live again after 24 years. I´ll always keep that night in my memory and in my heart. A-ha forever!


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