Thursday, May 05, 2016

More of The Nest - How to Sell

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my chat with Shian of Naughtipidgins Nest! Ready for more?
How does it work if I want to sell my bag through you?

"It's very easy as you just drop me an email! As long as the item is in an Excellent+ condition and from a designer I stock, then I’m always delighted to assist. I just need a few photos of any of the item's issues, (even Brand New bags can have small scratches from display or handling) and then can provide an approximate resale value. The Nest's standard commission is 25% of the sale price, (though for the more expensive items, this is often less) and if you decide to go ahead, you just post the item in to the Nest and I do the rest. No need to worry about anything and just 14 days after your buyer receives the item, you'll receive your payment, directly into your bank account, or if you are overseas, by PayPal. No risks of Chargebacks, no returns, no hassle."

Vital stats for those coveted bags are being collected

What are the advantages of selling through you?

"Buying or selling at the Nest is economical and just so easy. There’s no guesswork or hard work and there's zero stress! When you buy or sell via ebay or a marketplace, you’re responsible for all the questions, all the communication, shipping and, if you’re a seller, managing returns. From experience, there is a much higher incidence of disputes on these sites and it can be quite soul destroying if you’re one of the unlucky ones who comes across a ‘bad’ buyer or seller.
Buying or selling at the Nest is totally straightforward. No small print, no catches, no hidden charges, no disappointment. Easy!" 

Know what else: you won't have to worry about taking all those pictures in the 'right' light
and worry that the colour looks all wrong!

By the way: Do you know that famous candlestick? Well, I thought it was a candlestick...'s actually a working lamp!

How do you decide on selling prices?  

"‘Value’ is a tough one to quantify, actually, as it’s a combination of an item's cost, its condition and its current desirability. Just because a bag was hugely expensive to buy new, doesn’t mean its resale value will be high. Similarly, some bags may retain a good proportion of their original price as the colour or design isn’t available any more. On some occasions, bags resale prices will have increased from first purchase, if the condition warrants it, as with the escalating price increases, they can be a better investment than an ISA!"

Do you have any great tips on keeping my bags looking tip top?  

“It depends on the finish. You would treat a lambskin leather differently to an LV canvas, but generally the golden rules are:

  1. Ensure you know how to care for your finish
  2. Make sure you have the right products
  3.  Remember to clean and care for them regularly (which again will depend upon finish and usage)
  4. Store with stuffing inside their dustbags to maintain their shape."
Are there any bags you'd consider a safe investment? 

"I don't really like to think as bags in these terms, as though it is possible to invest in Leather Goods in the same way as you’d invest in Property or Stocks and Shares, my interest is more personal. The real ‘value’ of the bag is in the pleasure and enjoyment it brings to you when you carry it, whether that be a £8K Hermes or a £100 Kors. Though we all need to be financially aware of value for money, I would never influence anyone to buy a bag because of its investment potential, it has to about how much you love it."

Shian will share some great tips on how to prep your bag for a sale, so make sure you check back for the next post 

Also don't forget to pop by the Nest's Birthday Event to win that gorgeous Gucci bag or one of the many other goodies on offer!


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