Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saturday Tote

Talking about recent changes and the "good old Mulberry", there are some styles that will remain loved whether they're considered to be "in fashion" or not.

This Rampling Tote in Olive Kenya is a timeless, practical and mercifully robust style - perfect for running weekend errands!


  1. I read your post about Mulberry makeover. Great post! Thank you! After reading that post I knew it was "the old" SBS I wanted since I like both the look of it better and also I prefer to wear my bags cross body. So today I bought my very first Mulberry bag. Yay! May I ask how to care for it before starting to use it. It is in Oak and I bought Collonil Water Stop spray and also the leather gel but I am not shure if I should use only the water stop spray or if I also should use the leather gel before I start using the bag? If you have any advice I am grateful! Best Regards

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback and congrats on your first Mulberry!
      I did a post specifically on how to care for Mulberry Oak:
      If the leather is in good condition and not dry, I'd just use the spray for protection at the point. Use the ge/creaml when the leather needs nourishing or polishing. But if you use the gel and spray together make sure you use gel first and the spray at the end as the spray seals the leather. Enjoy! Xx


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