Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mulberry Bayswater Guide

Nevermind all those Alexas, Roxannes or Darias, the Bayswater has got to be Mulberry's most iconic and recognisable bag. And there are quite a few variations about...

The classic one

Handle drop: between 15.5 and 19cm
W36cm, H26cm, D16cm
Weight: between 760 and 1510g
Pros: Timeless, elegant, beautiful, lots of choices for colour and leather.
Cons: Can be heavy, not easy to wear on shoulder (especially with a heavy winter coat), piping is prone to wear.

The Baby Bayswater

Handle drop 10cm
W27cm, H20cm, D16cm
Weight 600g approx.
Pros: Same iconic design as Bayswater but lighter, available with or without lining, with or without belt, great value, attach a strap with a bit of DIY
Cons: Not big enough for A4, piping is prone to wear.

The functional one

Handle drop: 19cm
W36cm, H26cm, D13cm
Weight: 1000g approx. 
Pros: Bayswater style on the outside, organised on the inside, slightly longer handles, takes A4.
Cons: only available in Oak NVT and Black Drummed Patent Leather, hard to find.

The one with a twist 

Handle drop 13cm
Strap drop 53cm - 60cm
W38cm, H29cm, D17.5cm
Weight 1350g approx.
Pros: "a bit special", slouchy look, lovely leather, long strap.
Cons: Can be hard to find as fairly rare, limited choices of leather, fiddly strap closure, strain on hardware of strap if bag is fully loaded.

This one also came as a scaled down version

Small Heritage Bayswater
Handle Drop 7.5cm
Strap Drop: 57cm - 65cm
W26cm, H22cm, D14cm
Weight 620g 758
Pros: More unusual/interesting than the SBS, same good looks as the Heritage in a smaller package.
Cons: Even harder to find than the regular sized Heritage, fiddly strap closure.

The popular one 

Handle Drop: 7cm
Strap Drop: 59cm - 66cm 
W26cm, H20cm, D16cm.
Weight: 800g approx
Pros: Versatile thanks to handles and long strap, good size for everyday, good choice of leathers
Cons: Piping prone to wear, too small for A4, expensive compared to Ledbury.

The long one

Handle drop: 17 19
W33cm, H17cm, D15cm.
Weight 710 876
Pros: Similar size to Ledbury but longer handles, good choice of leather, good value.
Cons: Piping prone to wear, proportions not quite as attractive as in Ledbury/SBS/Bayswater.

The practical one

Bayswater Double Zip Tote
Handle drop: 17cm (variable)
Strap drop: 50-60cm
W42cm, H24cm, D16cm
Weight: 1450g
Pros: Lots of compartments, practical, versatile thanks to long strap and handles (which are also adjustable).
Cons: Bulky items prone to "poke through" if carried in outside pockets, open compartment can't be closed.

Again, available as a small version

Handle drop: 10-15cm
Strap drop: 43-48cm
W30cm, H20cm, D12cm
Pros: Same practical compartments but lighter and smaller "everyday" style, available in Glossy Goat, which is hardwearing.
Cons: Long strap too short to wear cross body, strap attaches not with carabiner but by looping it through and securing with metal pin.

The casual one

Handle drop: 18cm
W42cm, H31cm, D17cm
Weight: 1100g
Pros: Huge!, classic Bayswater in a relaxed style.
Cons: Huge!, piping prone to wear, limited leather choice.

The relaxed one

 Bayswater Buckle
Handle drop: 19cm
W36-49cm, H24cm, 18cm
Weight: 1350g
Pros: Quite big!, between formal and relaxed.
Cons: Quite big!, bulky as very wide, partially open at the top (pickpockets & rain!).

Available in 'small'...

Mulberry Small Bayswater Buckle in Oak NVT
Small Bayswater Buckle  
Handle drop: 10cm
W30-43cm, H27cm, D15cm
Weight: 1060g
Pros: Good alternative to classic Bayswater (capacity wise) but lighter, surprisingly spacious.
Cons: Not that easy to get hold of, partially open at the top.

...and dinky!

Mini Bayswater Buckle 
Handle drop: 6cm
Strap drop: up to 53cm
W22-33cm, H18cm, D13cm
Pros: Surprisingly spacious, long strap (goes cross body!), cute!
Cons: Partially open at the top, very short handles.

The 'new' one

 New Bayswater
Handle drop: 16cm
W45cm, H28cm, D17cm
Weight: unknown - apparently lighter than the classic style
Pros: Carry with flaps out or in, lighter than classic Bayswater, no piping that would wear, structured.
Cons: Hardware flimsy and brassy looking, not known yet how this leather and model will wear and age.

 The 'new' SBS

Handle drop: 9cm
W33cm, H21cm, D13cm
Strap drop: 47cm
Weight: unknown
Pros: Structured, modern, unfussy, roomy, practical, inside pocket on the front makes it more accessible, better position of d-rings.
Cons: Not as cute looking, new hardware looks cheap and feels flimsy, long strap too short for cross body.

Phew. That's pretty much it. And I haven't even talked about the Bayswater Shoulder. Or the Cookies. Or the Tooled. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Are these all in your collection?! Thanks for such an informative post!


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