Monday, August 15, 2016

Mulberry Musing

Mulberry Group Shot: Kelly, Bayswater Clutch, Hellier, Alexa, Cecily, Cara, Bayswater, Shimmy

Mulberry is changing. Quite drastically. Many of my friends who would have described themselves as Mulberry fans, are turning away from the brand, disappointed in its latest offerings. "The Bayswater isn't a real Bayswater anymore." "Coca is changing too much, too quickly." "The quality is going downhill." I'd agree with much of this but it is, of course, just how we might feel. Somebody coming to Mulberry without our "baggage" might feel quite differently.

The Mulberry I am most familiar with is the "generation" of the Bayswater, the Alexa, the Del Rey. The Cara feels more recent. The likes of the Kelly, Roxanne or Jody feel slightly 'before my time' - and that even though the Roxanne was launched in 2004, so not too long ago, really.

I wonder whether people felt as strongly when Emma Hill was appointed in 2008 and introduced the Alexa. It must have felt like quite a departure from the good old Mulberry that they knew at that time. Which undoubtedly will have been different to the good old Mulberry that had existed even before then.

Anyway, where am I going with this? Let's hope for the best. Maybe Coca will find a balance and redeem himself with another Alexa, or Roxanne. And in the meantime we can continue to enjoy our recent and the not so recent vintage Mulberry.

Were you around at the last big changeover? Did it feel the same as it does now? 


  1. While I wasn't around for the last big change, I do feel now that mulberry as a brand has lost its "iconic style" and the instant recognition that you just know is mulberry. It's sad as the new styles coming in there is one just one that I may like but not love or dream of in any way as I have done on some of my bags. I feel they're on a rocky road and unless coca has some miracle bag up his sleeve he's going to put the company in serious strife.

    1. Yes. I really like the Maple - but not to the extend that I have obsessed about other, older, models. I'm kind of hoping he's trying to make his mark and will mellow and remember the styles that are loved and bought (!) soon...

  2. Whilst it is good for my bank balance I don't like the Cocoa range

    For example, the Clifton (minus the flag) is very similar to a Micheal Kors bag I have. Just feel the brand has lost it's individuality ��


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