Thursday, March 02, 2017

Everyday Satchel

Yes, I know. When it comes to handbags, I am a bit of a one trick pony. Apart from the odd dabble with other brands, be it highstreet or slightly higher end, my day to day bags tend to be Mulberrys. That's partially because I just love Mulberry but also because I have not found any other model that worked really well as an everyday lug-my-stuff-to-work-bag. 

Well, after a recommendation by a lovely lady who follows me on YouTube, I picked up this Fossil Sydney Satchel.
      Actually, "picked up" is way too simple an explanation. Try "hunted one down online in Germany, luckily a city nearby my parent's place, located said seller and handed over cash at his bachelor pad to obtain".

Fossil Sydney Satchel

Aaaanyway, I have since then been using it off an on and whilst it doesn't make my heart jump as my Mulberrys do, I genuinely like it and - more importantly - it really works for me.

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