Thursday, March 09, 2017

Not So Conventional Classic

I actually rarely go for the "conventional handbag style". What I mean with that is the type of bag I remember my mum buying years ago: with one handle that goes over the shoulder. No long strap - nevermind crossbody. I also don't remember seeing much that had one or two short handles to carry in the crook of the arm or by hand. Anyway, my mum now has some lovely handbags. But yes: that one strap, carry over the shoulder model never appealed to me. But then I found this little Mulberry Elly and thought it was rather lovely. With that drawstring closure, she is, of course, a bit more quirky than her zipped up cousins...

Mulberry Elly

And though it's quite small - and nicely compact - it can hold all your essentials!

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