Thursday, September 21, 2017

Making Me Blush

I'm not massively into pink. I'm really not. But in the course of the past few weeks I have found myself buying one and lusting over three further pink bags. Granted, they're not Barbie-pink and rather muted and flattering shades but still...

The one that I bought...

Mulberry Lily in plaster pink wrinkle patent leather with rose gold hardware
I had been after Mulberry Lily that's a bit more dressy than my PVT oak one for a while and completely fell for this one. It's plaster pink wrinkle patent leather with rose gold hardware. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but she is rather easy on the eye.

Those I'm swooning over...

This bag is the Maestra from SENREVE. I never even heard of SENREVE until fairly recently and this bag makes me want to justify its pricetag and customs fees I'd have to pay with "but it's also so practical!" because it actually holds a proper laptop! The texture and colour of this leather looks gorgeous and scrapes just on the right side of 'oh so pretty'. Though they are based in the US and the customs fees increase the price, they do let you prepay for everything, so ordering should be a doddle. 

Aspinal Essential Tote in Blusher Saffiano
Aspinal is a brand I keep coming back to. So far I have yet to buy a bag for myself though I had various small leather goods and bought my mum a rather gorgeous Brook Street bag. A few days ago I received their AW17 catalogue and this colour jumped off the page for me. I've been looking at ths tote for a few seasons now and this has got to be my favourite colour so far. (Oh, and check out their brilliant "View Size" feature. Just click at the image on the bottom of the product page and it lets you compare the bag to various items - you can even flip a Macbook and see how it would fit in.)

Mulberry Small Zipped Bayswater in Antique pink
Last but not least: On a recent lunchbreak I flew through Mulberry in Manchester's Selfridges and stopped in my tracks when I saw this one. I know it's been around for a bit. The colour is just stunning in real life - I don't think it comes across online. 
So, what is it?! 

Are there just too many lovely 'pink' bags around at the moment or is middle agedness with muted tones catching up with me? And if I am buying one of the three above - which one???

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