Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Old Jacket, New Favourite

Outfit roundup a on Tuesday?! Due to a couple of busy weeks and then having been on holiday, I'm totally behind. My week in Germany involved a lot of lounging around and little sartorial action, so below the outfits from a couple of weeks ago. If I can find the time tomorrow, I'll get us up to date.

A couple of future faves: My old, yet newly discovered tweed jacket is finally being worn - and I really love it. (Do you do that? Discover items in your wardrobe that you almost discarded and fall in love with them?) Oh, and something actually new: that cosy Tesco jumper is going to get some repeat wears this winter!

I thought this outfit might be a pattern too far but I think it actually worked - and I really enjoyed wearing it! The jacket must be about 15 years old and almost every year I've held it up and thought "need to get rid of this, I never wear it" - and then hung it straight back into my wardrobe. It's a tricky one, as it's quite warm but not warm enough for proper outer wear (plus, it has elbow length sleeves and is cropped). But I thought I'd start wearing it kind of like a cardigan or blazer and voilà, it's now officially a keeper! 
Blouse & boots: Zara 
Skirt: Boden 
Jacket: River Island

I normally don't do outerwear shots. 
1. I do my ootd pic when I get home in the evening, after I dropped bag and coat downstairs and before I get changed into something that doesn't mind if I crawl around the floor building lego. 
2. I usually wear the same coat all season: a warm one in winter, a thinner one when it's warmer. Both hooded and waterproof, as I commute by train and walk bits in between. I also can't be bothered carrying an umbrella. (God knows why I have a wardrobe full of coats...) This was a day though when it was cold with no chance of rain so I dug out my classic grey coat - and I thought I'd share this. :) 
Jumper: Tesco 
Jeans: Next 
Trainers & coat: Zara 
Scarf: C&A

This is what happens when I take my 'outfit of the day' photo after coming home (no way would I have time to do this in the morning!). Little M will insist in being in a couple of pics and then we have to pose so that he "wears" my clothes. I have reams of those pics. 
Rubbish quality - but I can't quite get myself to delete them. 
Jumper: Zara 
Skirt: Mango 
Trainers: Kurt Geiger

At the weekend you'll usually find me in jeans, mainly because I will either be cleaning/tidying/pottering or climbing around hills/playgrounds/rocks. On Saturday I dragged Mr G and little M to Cheshire Oaks and (also due to the wet weather: nothing worse than jeans soaking up rain water) ended up in a dress. :) 
By the way: check out here what Mulberry had in stock! 
Dress & cardigan: Boden 
Boots: Hallhuber 
Necklace: Topshop

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