Sunday, October 01, 2017

Autumn Mulberry at Cheshire Oaks

On this rainy Saturday I dragged Mr G and little M to Cheshire Oaks and whilst my two had fun on the playground, I had fun at Mulberry!

After hearing about the recent bargain Kites (£250 in the outlets!), I was, of course, disappointed that they had their prices lifted back up. When I asked the SA what that had been all about, she kind of rolled her eyes and shrugged. It did seem like a bit of a weird pricing exercise...

Anyway - lots of autumnal and darker colours, not a huge amount that I would have been tempted by but a few lovely items!

Tempted: Small Maple in oxblood
Lovely: SBS in slate blue
Bargain: Mini Cara in Oxblood £595 

Some prices at the bottom of of this post. Enjoy the window shopping!

Regular Pink Polished Buffalo £880

Grey £795
others from £695 

Plain £556
Studded £595

Camera Bags £325

Mini NVT (oxblood & black) £595
Regular Quilted (black, red, blue) £595

Large from £507

Hobo £555

Tote (oak, black) £395
Satchel (black) £

Jagger Pouch
Green £199

Small £485
Large £450

Mini - didn't check many but Oak NVT was £295, I think
Regular - dto Oxblood £595
Medium - dto Taupe £695

Small (blue, black, oxblood, dune, oak) £472
Regular (burgundy, deep embossed black, green) £696

Small from £450
Regular from £570

Small Bayswater Satchel
Neon Blue & Steel Blue £680

Small Leather Goods & Other
Long locked purse (blue, red) £205
Small Zipped Blossom Purse £112
Small Zipped Tree Purse £155
French Purse - Oak NVT £220, Patent Navy (special purchase) £190
Bracelets £50
Leather Keyrings (tassels etc) £49
Metal Keyring (just one oval signature in silver) £53

Rectangular signature £130
Cotton tree print £115
Mulberry script £130

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