Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Counting up money (sadly not mine) and listening to yet another dodgy 80s online radio station I just experienced the most intense flashback.

They are playing Sunglasses at Night (apparently by Corey Hart).
I am wearing a pair of 501s that, with a 30" waist, are at least 4 sizes too big, a dodgy print top and some weird leather straps around my right wrist.

Dancing with my eyes closed, I'm at the Schwimmbad - my favourite club in the whole world.

I'm sure everyone has a club like that.

One where it was cheap to get in and nearly as cheap to get drunk. It was a bit scruffy and it certainly wasn't considered "trendy". But what mattered was that the DJ played all your favourite songs, so much in fact that most of the time you knew what was coming next. You knew the bouncers and they knew you. At some point it didn't even feel like going out, it was more like dancing in your very big front room. That had huge speakers. And disco lights.

I remember passing a whole A4 sheet full of requests to our DJ Jochen, who I was desperately in love with for about a year. He happily oblidged and played nearly all titles for us. Apart from Take That. He said he was afraid that people might throw things. Oh, and he never fell in love with me.

Anyway, I still go there from time to time although I feel a tad old by now - well, those kids could nearly be mine, even if that would have made me a *very* young mum. The music isn't quite the same any more, even if the odd play of Long Train Running makes it all worthwhile. I have stopped wearing 501s. I'm still wearing the odd dodgy print top. Jochen has long since retired from his DJing throne. I am not in love with him anymore but we are still in touch - well, I do send a birthday card each year.

Sometimes I feel like there is a void in my life where the Schwimmbad used to be. Monica, Rachel & Co. have Central Perk. The people in Boston have Cheers.

I had the Schwimmbad.

Nowadays I get with a night at my favourite club - and flashbacks when listening to dodgy 80s radio stations.

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