Thursday, June 16, 2005

Guilty pleasures?

I have fallen into a TV black hole.

No ER.
No Desperate Housewives.
Twin Peaks DVD's have not yet arrived.
Friends is finished.
Frasier is finished.
Sex and the City is finished.

So I am finding myself drawn towards watching America's Next Top Model. I know it is dead cheesy. I know the girls are over dramatic. I know Tyra is so full of crap sometimes. And yet I am putting up with all of this because I am fascinated by the photoshoots, the incredible changes after the girls have been through make-up & hair and the fashion shows.

I just gotta be careful not to pick up any of the language. Someone please hit me if I ever call them girlfriend.

The other thing I started watching last night - as I lay on the couch feeling dizzy and sick with mild food poisoning - is The LWord. The last time I attempted to get into it I found it all a bit too... predictable. Of course it is full of gorgeous & sexy young females doing gorgeous & sexy things to each other but it felt like that was all there was to it. Last night there were actually some things happening - on top of all the sexy stuff.

Which - let's be honest - we wouldn't want to miss.

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