Friday, June 03, 2005

The mystery continues

The last episode of Desperate Housewives on Wednesday. So we finally know what happened to Dana/Zach/Deirdre & Co. But we are left with a stupid cliffhanger being informed by a friendly Channel4 voice that Desperate Housewives will return at the beginning of next year?

Excuse me?! Next year?!

A cliffhanger over a week - fine. You are excited and need to know what's happening. You fight the urge to check a spoiler site. You talk to your friends about it, speculating if Ross is going to leave Emily for Rachel/Buffy is really dead/Mike is going to get shot.
All of the above presuming that you are a sad person like me who actually cares that much about a TV programme.

But several months? What exactly is the point? You will be excited for about a week. Then you will forget about it and continue to live your life - should you have one. In absence of that you will find another programme to concentrate on. Or fill the void with something even more meaningless. Like knitting.

More mystery in Twin Peaks. But the solution to each cliffhanger is only as far as the next DVD and since I am currently in possession of the whole set I can live with that.
We still don't now who killed Laura and I am still really enjoying this. I am just hoping that the ending won't disappoint me too much. Like we were all trapped in one of Cooper's bizarre dreams and Laura is actually alive - but has dyed her hair brown...


  1. Hee hee.

    It won't disappoint you.

    It did disappoint some people, but those people are losers.

  2. You'd better be right.

    Probably watching the last part tonight so I'll know v soon.


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