Monday, June 20, 2005


So when I came home on Friday and my flatmate said something along the lines of "fancy sitting on the road in Stretford, listening to REM?" I wasn't quite sure what she was on about. As it turned out, REM were playing open air at the Lancashire Cricket Club. Since it was quite a nice evening anyway I decided to go with it and not only did we end up on the street in front but thanks to an - obviously desperate - ticket seller, we ended up getting in for £10 each. Pretty good.

Bopping away with a few thousand fans (or opportunists?) I felt all young and spontaneous.

I felt myself reminded of the times when your plans changed as often as the phone rang. "Party at Stephan's? No, his parent's are in! We're gonna be somewhere in the forest and then in Michael's vineyard!"
You never had to plan for food or drink either, since petrol stations had a good assortment (note that petrol stations in Germany are permitted to sell alcohol).

These days I usually plan a night out about 3 days in advance, thinking about where to go, who to call, what to wear. Oh, and what I'd miss on telly.

Sad really.

I shall therefore be more spontaneous, dig my rollerskates out, kiss whoever I like whenever I like, speak my mind more often and wear clothes just how they come out of the wardrobe not worrying about the concept of an outfit.

Or maybe I'll just grow up and make a plan about how and when to be spontaneous.

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