Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pidgeon Post

I remember somebody telling me about "unboxing" on Youtube. I had never heard about it before and, in all honesty, thought it was a bit daft when he told me. Whereas I could see the value in watching online reviews, do I need to watch others open their parcel and see what they ordered?!

When I thought about it though I thought that this could be quite useful: you get to see how a specific seller/retailer wraps and packs their goods. You get to share the excitement of a parcel received. You get a quick view on said ordered item.

So when I received a parcels from Naughtipidgins Nest, a name you may know or recognise from my "trusted sellers" list, I thought that would be a prime candidate. So without much further ado, here my first ever "public" unboxing.

Oh, and a bit of a spoiler, but this is in the box:

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