Monday, June 29, 2015

Step back in time

So I have just re-written my "about me" section and deleted the following:

I do go to sleep thinking about what to wear tomorrow. Then I wake up and have forgotten it all, putting on an outfit that has been tried and tested or something I just throw together.

The best outfits are the ones that make me feel myself. That means they have to be a bit different - who wants to look like everybody else? - yet uncomplicated enough not to rule my day. There needs to be one detail that makes me smile - yet hopefully nothing that makes people laugh out loud. Having said that, depending on who laughs I really don't mind.

Having grown up a tiny bit, I still love dressing up. I want to feel stylish and up to date but it also needs to look like it took no effort at all. "Yes, I just pulled that out of my wardrobe." Join me on my musings on wearable fashion, stumbled upon inspiration, sought after shopping spaces and random pretty bits I come across.

I  still agree with all of that, though I have to admit that getting little M dressed is probably taking up more time than choosing my own outfit these days.

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