Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mulberry - Back to Basics

I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the resources and places of information that I use when feeding my Mulberry obsession. Whether you're a newbie to Mulberry or whether you've been buying for years, there will always be something you could still learn. I know I do. New models get released every season and my brain couldn't possibly retain all the information about past models, features, leathers and so on.  I therefore have a number of go-to places where I look for information, e.g. when I am thinking about buying a specific bag. In that case I'd want to know which leathers it has been made in, measurements, other features (especially length of handles/straps) and what kind of price in which condition this model is currently selling at.

Mulberry Facebook Groups

I already did a post on Facebook groups, where you can buy pre-loved Mulberry bags. These groups are also fantastic to ask questions and get opinions on models. Members are usually more than happy to post model shots and share their experience if they have owned a model you happen to covet.


A great starting point for all current models and leathers, you'll find
- measurements
- features, e.g. colour of hardware, inside pockets
- nice close up pictures, including the interior
- model shots - if there is none with the bag of a specific leather, try the same model in another leather, they are not always very consistent with the images assigned to a product
- leather - what type and how has it been treated to achieve the finish it has
- leather care - ok, so they are trying to sell you the Collonil gel or spray but it also just tells you that this is the recommended product to use when you come to clean or protect your bag
- price - good to know how much they go for when new. If this model is also available in the outlet, you'd expect to pay 30% less there, though bear in mind, they won't stock core leathers there unless they're subs.


If I am looking for information on a leather, I usually check Naughtipidgins Nest's leather & care guide first as it has lots of different leathers and finishes listed and with a simple Ctrl + F you can find what you're looking for in seconds.
As just mentioned, Mulberry themselves are a good place to look but NPN has information on older leather types as well as current ones.

NPN are also a great place to find out what a specific model might be selling for. Just pop the bag name into the search box and you'll see all current and previously sold bags of that model. Shian is great at describing the bags' condition to a T, which gives you a good indication which amount to budget. Her photography is also lovely and on bags that are currently for sale you'll get pics of the bag from all angles.

The Purse Forum

With discussions around anything Mulberry and a vast reference section, TPF has a wealth of information and lots of helpful members, who are always happy to share their knowledge. 

Don't be intimidated by the need to sign up and create an account - it's well worth it and you'll be welcomed by the other members. Also don't get confused: you can add to a thread immediately, you just can't post your own thread until you have been there for a few days and contributed a certain number of times to other discussion.

You'll find tons of information on and pictures of the different models, their leather, leather care and all kinds of answers to questions you didn't dare ask. Have a rummage through the reference section and swoon over some of the member's collection.

The most popular thread has to be "Authenticate this Mulberry", which you find under "Shopping".  Here you can submit an eBay listing and ask for the bag on offer to be authenticated, which could save you from a costly mistake. Please do make sure you read the first post in the thread, which outlines the rules and explains what is needed for the authentication to be reliably carried out. Please also be fair and contribute to the community and do not just post numerour authentication requests without giving back.

Should you find yourself in a situation though, that you have purchased a non genuine item and need proof of this (e.g. for a Paypal claim), you will have to use one of the paid services on offer. I will do a future post on authentication, so keep your eyes peeled.

Effen Haute Forum

Similar to the Purse Forum, the Effen Haute Forum is run by knowledgeable and helpful Mulberry fans. And as on TPF you find a reference section and an authenticate this Mulberry thread. Just all a bit smaller than TPF.

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