Tuesday, August 04, 2015

On Location: Mulberry at Selfridges Visit

In a bid to finally decide which size Cara I'd go for (Mini or Regular), I popped by Mulberry in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, Manchester. After receiving lots of positive feedback on my quick write up of my Mulberry Frankfurt visit, I thought I'd do one on this one as well.

I've already published a graphic representation on my thoughts on the Cara, and I have since then also had the confirmation that Caras are unlined, so it's all good! :)

So now, straight to the store:

Located on the ground floor with Beauty in front, ladieswear to the right and footwear to the left, Selfridges designer handbag section is home to brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Balenciaga, Stella MCartney and, of course, Mulberry. I am pretty sure no Louis Vuitton - though I may well have missed something else off.

Not a huge space but should be enough to show off the classics and current favourites. Some glass topped cabinets with small leather goods - always handy when you want to have a proper look at a bag. A chair - handy for waiting kids or spouses. ;)

To my mind there should be enough space but I really missed a few models.
There were only 3 Caras (Mini and Regular in Blue Quilted, Mini in Oxblood with Rivets) and none in Oak. 

No Roxettes - very disappointing and surprising, considering this is the style that has been pushed recently. 
No Jamies
Not a huge amount of Bayswaters or Alexas.

Loads of Freyas, which I liked, especially with the cross body-ness of the small one. (hadn't expected that). 
Lots of Willows and Double Zip Bayswaters
Fair amount of Lilys and some items from the Tessie range.

Sales Assistant(s):
Came over when I started opening the Caras for comparison. Was clearly suspicious of me as I had a 2yo in tow and tried (unsuccessfully) to hide her dismay of a child in the section. Note: he was in his pushchair, watching me quietly. Had no idea what I was on about when I asked about the microfibre lining in the Cara (yuk) and did not sound convincing when she said "I don't think so" after I asked whether this was the same for the Oak Cara. Did not offer any further help or opinion or help me tidy the bags away afterwards. Just hovered watching me. Hm.

Manchester's Trafford Centre is one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK. I remember when it was opened in 1998, just after I moved here (coincidence or did they see me coming?), it was declared the biggest in Europe but has since then been overtaken by others. Nonetheless it is still pretty big, offering free parking, lots of foodie places as well as housing all the usual highstreet shops and department stores. Selfridges is based right in the centre and carries its usual mix of highstreet and designer brands. 

Again: I should have taken more pictures. I hadn't planned on writing this up but I thought some of you might find especially the stock information interesting.

In all honesty: I don't get how Mulberry sells anything through department stores in cities, where a standalone store is available. Do you shop at Mulberry concessions at all and if so, just because you don't have a standalone store nearby or for other reasons?

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