Thursday, August 06, 2015

Discontinued Classic: Mulberry Small del Rey

I never understood why Mulberry discontinued their del Rey range: such a classic style in great leathers, which seem to have sold well and they appear to continue to be incredibly desireable. I'd say this applies even more to the small del Rey, or SDR as she is often called. At the moment still available at the Outlets (and, of course, pre-loved), a great option for a small day bag and one I have been using on and off for the past couple of months.

My way to settling on this beauty was a rather longwinded one though, as I owned:
  • First a Small del Rey in oak - loved the shape but thought I wanted a "dressier" leather >> sold her
  • Then a regular del Rey in slate blue - loved the colour but found her a bit too big as a handbag. >> sold her
  • Finally what you can see below: my SDR in slate blue.

So, have I found handbag peace?

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