Thursday, April 06, 2017

Shrunken Workhorse

"That's a big box!" Sound familiar? That's how I regularly greet our postman or the comment I get from Mr. G or little M when rocking up with the last Post Office collection. Usually the box is massive but holds, predictably, a not too tiny bag. Like a Bayswater. Or the rather large Rodtnes bag - which I did return, as it was simply too big. 

And then I receive a padded envelope, probably about A4 size. Quite heavy though. And something rattles..? It couldn't be..?! Yep. The point I was trying to make (besides that fact that somebody sent me a Mulberry bag in a padded envelope!) is that this Mulberry Brooke was rather smaller than I expected. Did you realise it was closer to 'dinky handbag size' than to 'regular satchel size'?

Well, it was. Curious what I could fit in?

PS: Tell me; are my titles getting too tedious? Brooke is an international animal welfare charity helping improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. I almost called this post "Shetland Pony" - but that might have been one step too far..?

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