Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not So Boxy Bayswater

Whereas I am still on the fence on whether I prefer my Alexa a bit more slouchy, i.e. without an insert that gives the bag structure, I definitely want a big workbag such as my Heritage Bayswater, to be fairly boxy. If I carry any documents, I wouldn't want them to get crumpled and I'd probably expect to be able to slide in a laptop without having to uncrumple the bag first.

So far, I haven't owned a standard Baywater (yet) but from what I know, the Heritage Bayswaters are much more slouchy. I therefore ordered a standard Bayswater-sized Samorga insert (the colour is dune by the way), which fitted quite well into my Fudge Heritage Bayswater and achieved the desired boxy shape as well as gaining useful compartments inside the bag, which help to organise its contents.

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