Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tea and Bags - Interview with Aquila 1 of 4

My first ever interview. Quite scary.

We always knew I'm not one for few words. So what happens if you throw in (figuratively speaking) a lady who is equally as chatty? The lady I am talking about is Aqila and you might recognise her from my reference section. Not only chatty but also hugely knowledgeable when it comes to designer handbags. Add a few cups of tea and a room full of bags* and you get an interview that went well beyond the time YouTube caters for. No to worry: video split into three, you can enjoy the bite-sized ramblings of said women on all things handbags and purses.

*Please don't ask for photographs of the bags. So much was the chatting that we forgot (!) to take any (!) pics. I know. Will do better next time.

So here it is: the first installment!


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