Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Veggie Mulberry?! Almost...

I love my Mulberrys* mainly because of their leather. Sometimes supple and soft, sometimes full of texture and structured. The bags do come with a health warning though (usually in form of a pretty, white printed care card): with some you will want to avoid rain, with others you will be worried about cracking and then others again, you will have nightmares about colour transfer.

Enter the one of the few fabric bags Mulberry have produced: from the Rosie range, the Rosie Satchel seems like a great little holiday bag... let's have a look...

This one is in Mini Leopard Foxglove Pink Quilt

Width 25cm, Height 15cm, Depth 7cm
Handle drop from approx 54cm to 64cm
1 main pocket, 1 small outside zip pocket

*This does my head in: 1 Mulberry, 2 Mulberries?! Surely not. Mulberrys it is then. But that just looks wrong.

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