Friday, May 01, 2015

Sometimes Size does Matter...

So I had been after a regular Mulberry del Rey for a while. I had purchased a small one and though I wasn't sure about the colour/leather, I adored the style. I knew I'd want to get a small one again but in a different leather and also a regular sized one. The small one hasn't materialized yet (and I am still dithering about which colour to chose) but I came across a regular one in slate blue and snapped it up.

The day of the delivery arrived and I received a rather large box. The clue should have really been that. Yet I was still surprised at how big the bag that emerged was. 

Now, this is where I will normally just put a carefully styled still-life picture of the bag in question (thank god for our nice fireplace) but since my point is the size of the bag, I will accompany this with a quick mod shot.

 So anyway, what could I possibly do with a big handbag...?

P.S.: Yes, I would bring more knickers. I planned this video in about 2 minutes!

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