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Buying Pre-Loved (Mulberry and Other) Designer Bags

In a bid to making buying used/preloved Mulberry (and other Designer) bags easier and less daunting I am publishing a series of posts with lots of hints and tips - find them all under "what I learned". 

First part of the "series":  Trusted Sellers of Pre-loved Mulberry...or new at pre-loved prices

These are sellers of pre-loved, near-new or new Mulberry (and other designer) bags and accessories where you can be assured of authenticity. So no scary eBay bidding with hoping that what you receive is a) authentic and b) as described. As they are business sellers (and not, as most on eBay, private), they offer returns, so should a bag not suit, you can return it!

Naughtipidgins Authentic Bags

Also known as "The Nest", "NPN"

Shian who runs this site is fantastically helpful and knowledgeable about Mulberry bags and accessories. She has a real passion for beautiful bags, her photographs and description are always gorgeous yet never omit any flaws the bag might have. She truly lives by the shop's motto "Only Authentic. Only Lovely. Only Ever Honestly Described"

When I purchased my Nightshade Blue Heritage Bayswater from her, she was fantastic in dealing with my queries re. the leather care etc. The bag was securely and beautifully wrapped. It was like opening a birthday present! Oh, and she always includes a NPN Passport, which acts as a certificate of authenticity. I also acquired a black printed Ledbury form her and did a quick video on the unboxing, should you be curious.

Shian also offers a great commissioning service, that would typically allow you to receive 75% of your sold item'sselling price . Considering eBay takes 10% commission and PayPal a 3.4% fee, this is a great option. You can also ask for a quote to have your bag bought outright from Shian though you will achieve less than selling it through commissioning.

Her site has a fab section on different leathers and their care, which is a great point of reference for any information re. this.

Shian does close the Nest for school holidays so do keep an eye on the dates publicised on her site. You can keep browsing during closure but will only be able to purchase when she re-opens. 

What's your favourite bag?
That's such a difficult question to answer and I don't actually think I can choose just one bag. Different occasions call for different bags and there isn't one single bag that can do it all. I'd still say the  2.55 Chanel 10" flap is my favorite style though... still the unbeatable classic of all time.

What's your favourite Mulberry?
Mulberry Bayswater in oak darwin with older style glossy postmans lock plate - smart everyday bag perfect for work, play or anything life can throw at you.

Papillonika Ltd 

Also known as "Aqila" ;)

Aqila who has recenly launched this beautiful webshop is another lovely and incredibly helpful lady. She sells mainly new or as new and very lightly used bags, all at a fraction of the new price and the bags and purses are sourced from authorised retailers. Find out more about her in my series of interviews with her.

What's your favourite bag?
Favourite bag at the moment is my Prada crossbody double zip tote in Nude with my 7 year old daughters hand made pom pom on!!! 

What's your favourite Mulberry?
Favourite Mulberry is definately the Del Rey and I don't know why Mulberry has discontinued this...xx  

Labels most Wanted

Also known as "LMW" 

Louise offers pre-loved bags and accessories in new/as new or excellent condition for a wide range of designer brands. She also offers a commission selling service, fees again around 25%, so well worth considering before you bother hitting eBay.

What's your favourite bag? 
Considering what I do for a living, I am actually not into bags which is probably just as well as I would want to keep them all! I use one bag at a time and then change before the outgoing one starts to show wear, so  whatever bag I am using at the time would be my favourite!

What's your favourite Mulberry? 
I would have to say the classic Mulberry oak Bayswater, as that is always a great seller!

All ladies above are, from my experience, very knowledgeable and approachable, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any queries. They will also be happy to pop your name on a waiting list if you're after a style that's hard to come by. 

More on buying pre-loved Mulberry in my guide on buying off Facebook groups!

Where do you shop for your pre-loved designer bags? Do you chance it on eBay? Or do you have a trusted shop you keep going back to time and time again? Do let me know! :)

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