Monday, July 13, 2015

Motivation Monday - She's Got The Look

Hotel Chocolate Salted Caramel Puddles.
A massage.
Boden's Cropped Cashmere Cardigans.

All things that I'd classify as little (or big) luxuries.

Even if you love your job, Monday mornings can be hard. So what better motivation than reminding yourself what you could do with some of your hard-earned cash. I am therefore introducing "Motivation Monday", where I shall feature things on my wish dream list.

And I'm starting with a pretty big ticket item: the recently launched Mulberry Roxette. Despite carrying the name of a rather successful, yet slightly overstyled early 90s Swedish band (for those who've never heard of them:  that's what the title of this article eludes to), the bag concerned is a rather unfussy and contemporary take on Mulberry's Roxanne. For me the main attraction lies in how her shape showcases the leather and I am currently swaying between oak (can you imagine how beautiful that would age?!) and midnight blue croc calfskin. I need to have a proper look at her in a shop (Spinningfields, here I come).

I am also undecided between sizes. The small one comes with that oh-so-practical long strap. (You know how I feel about being able to carry my bag cross-body.) But the regular sized one might give me more versatility.

The only thing that I have slight "concerns" about is the closure. This seems to be a small belt buckle, which you actually have to undo. Not sure I will want to bother with that much faff. 

The price tag of £995/£1100 (oak/croc) for small and £1100/£1200 for regular is enough reason to get this right. Or to wait for the sale.

What do you think?

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