Thursday, July 30, 2015

My First Louis Vuitton

In my seemingly neverending quest to find the perfect new purse I fell for one that was to be my first item from Louis Vuitton: The LV Zippy Wallet in Vernis Amarante. I actually probably fell in love with the colour first: it's a deep, multitonal burgundy, almost like a metallic paint on a car. 

As I am trying to organise my life a bit more, I have now intriduced a Filofax (yes, paper, pen, all that) and thus have more stuff in my bag. The Zippy is therefore now a bit big for me, partially because I don't have the space in my bag anymore, partially because I have moved out many of the cards my Prada continental purse used to have to hold for me.  

Regardless, I still love this one and thought I'd give you a quick overview:

By the way: I have now had a look and I know that 'amarante" is a plant/flower and has absolutely nothing to do with cherry. *holds up foreigner card*

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