Monday, July 27, 2015

Covet Monday - Puddles of Oooooh

Sometimes I fancy chocolate and just want to scoff a whole bar of Kinderschokolade. Or Milka. Or Galaxy. Never Cadbury though.

But sometimes I fancy something a bit more special and indulgent. I prefer the classic flavours and don't usually go for massively adventurous combination and probably never would have tried this one, had I not been given a free sample: 

image: Hotel Chocolat

The texture is creamy without being cloying. The caramel sweet but not sickeningly so. The salt adds another dimension and actually brings out the caramel and milk chocolate flavour even more. 

Sometimes I sit there and just have them melt on my tongue very slowly. Sometimes I chew my way through half a bag within a few minutes. Seriously yummy.

What's your favourite chocolate?

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