Monday, July 20, 2015

Covet Monday - Cara on Location

Ok, so I really hadn't planned on doing *another* covet post on handbags after last Monday's. Certainly not on Mulberry.

But being on holiday - and having a babysitter available (thanks mum & dad) - meant not only the possibility of having a play with  the newly landed Roxette (and to decide on size and leather) but also to check out the not before visited Mulberry store in Frankfurt.

Upon entering, I was immediately welcomed and offered help but then happily left to browse. A few minutes later the lovely sales assistant, who had greeted me initially, came back and cooed over my cabbage green Mini Aexa, which kicked off a long conversation about classic pieces and other bags in my collection. Both happy to chat, we talked about old and new bags and she was either a very good actress or clearly excited to talk to somebody who is slightly Mulberry-obsessed.

Meanwhile, I had a look at all Roxettes on offer: a blue printed small one and black and oak regular-sized. I dismissed the regular one straight away: just too big. I liked the shape and the cross-body-ness of the small one but wasn't as impressed with the leather as I thought I'd be

 The print on the blue wasn't as deep/pronounced as I would have hoped and the oak (Calfskin) was much more similar to the pebbled oak of Effie rather than the classic oak (Natural Leather) I have seen on Bayswater or Cara. I also slightly struggled with the buckle opening. All together a bit of a "Meh"-moment after all the build-up.

I totally surprised myself though by falling head over heels with a bag I had previously dismissed: the Cara. Specifically the Mini Cara ticked a lot of boxes:

  • Dinky enough for my small frame yet probably just as roomy as my Ledbury as she is quite high. 
  • Flexible carry options and with a bit of tinkering suitable for cross-body wearing.
  • Perfect in finish: I would love to buy a NVT Oak bag from new and see her age. :)
So with a price tag of £795 she is also much more affordable than the Roxette (£995 for small oak) and would make perfect use of the voucher I have left to spend.

In re. to the store:


Like all Mulberry stores, it was light and airy, and even though it is quite "deep" and could have easily ended up being dark at the far end, it never felt that way. Fashion is placed at the end of the shop with a comfortable lounge-type area, creating a nice flow & resting point. Plenty of space to wander around and lots of class-topped cabinets afford space to have a play with the goods on show.


Good choice overall with core styles available in core and seasonal colours. 

Noteworthy for myself was also the small Jamie: I was surprisingly impressed by the conversion between short (shoulder) and long (cross body) strap and thought the size and was great. Closure with a non-fuss zip was a bonus.

A couple of exclusives, such as the Aligator printed Lily. (Beautiful and shiny, though a smidge out of my budget at over €12k)


Sales Assistants: I really can't praise them enough. They were welcoming and attentive and found just the right balance of giving you attention but leaving you to browse. I was offered a drink after a few minutes and encouraged to have a play with whichever bag I wanted. I also saw them take a couple of items outside for customers trying to decide on colour, to see the finish in daylight/sunshine. (Stark contrast: at Louis Vuitton I was stared down and followed around by security. I reckon, they'd have body checked me, had I asked to see an item right outside the store door. Did I look that dodgy?!)

The location is, predictably, on Frankfurt's high-end street Goethestrasse, with Louis Vuitton, CHANEL, Burberry and the likes nearby. Parking is available either right outside (if you are lucky) or in the Goetheplatz underground carpark.


I really should have taken lots more pictures of the store but feel I can now justify another visit soon. :)

So after all that spiel just to summarise - this week's covetable item is the Mulberry Mini Cara in Oak Natural Leather. And she might actually be mine soon. Watch this space!

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