Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Last of the Summer Sales - Boden

The summer sales have been going on for so long that by now you'd expect to be scraping the fashion barrel for any remaining items that are not only bargains but also actually wearable. I am trying to be really good as I think I keep creating a "need" where there truly is only a faint want but I still allowed myself a browse on one of my favourite online shops: Boden.

I generally buy knitwear, dresses and skirts at Boden and what I love is that they keep re-including certain favourite styles from season to season. Over the years I have now bought a few of those in different colours or prints. Boden's florals and other patterns were absolutely  gorgeous this spring/summer season but I couldn't justify buying lots of dresses and skirts - so now might be the time, especially with our summer feeling more like spring.

Earlier in the year, I already purchased the Eliza Tunic Dress in this Navy Leafy Trellis and have worn it lots. 

I also loved it in Lavender Grey Botanical but stuck to getting just the one. It's now down from £99 to £59.40, so I might just take the plunge.

Shortly after buying the dress, I got the Modern Pencil Skirt in the same pattern and as it fitted me so well I also bought it in Red Graphic Geo and am now tempted by the Green version of that colourway. That one is now down from £59 to £41.30 (or if you'd like the Red version, that's down to £29.50!).

The item I have been coming back for every season is the Cropped Cashmere Cardigan. Being petite, the cut is ideal for me as it ends above the hips and won't interfere with the waistline of a dress or a jutting out/voluminous skirt. The fact that it comes in lots of different colours, usually updated every season, just means you can pick one each season. They do machine wash, though I found they tend to shrink a fair bit after a while (even if you stretch them carfefully after washing), so after 2 years I bought another black one as my "older" one (left) black one is now *very* cropped and only fits over sleeveless topss. Normally selling for £89, the sale price dropped (depending on colour) to £44.50 - £71.20.
Are you still shopping the sales? And if so, what have you bought?

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