Friday, March 16, 2012

Golden Casual

I decided that using the title "what I wore today" is getting a bit too monotonous. I shall continue to tag the posts accordingly but now come up with descriptive and/or entertaining titles. No pressure then.

As in many offices, ours operates a "dress down Friday" policy, i.e. even the non-creative/IT/... are allowed to wear denim on said day. I am not hugely into wearing jeans, probably because I practically used to live in them and now find this option a bit... dull. 

Please don't shout at me. 

I know, there are skinnies, bellbottoms, bootcut, boyfriend, straightleg... And then there are all the different washes: used, dark indigo, black, white, coloured and (let's not forget since I am German) stonewashed. Of course I do wear jeans, I probably have about 10 pairs but as a general rule, I don't tend to enjoy outfits containing an ordinary pair of jeans as much as those containing other items of clothing.

Anyway, I thought I'd use the denim-carte-blanche as a sign to dig out my Warehouse frayed denim skirt, which I must have had in my wardrobe for about 6 years.  It's still pretty cold and windy out there, so I am wearing some trusty 40 deniers and my boots as well as a thin, longsleeved top. I paired the skirt with a top from Tesco (just love that print and a bit of a bargain at £12) and a H&M jumper made up of, what can only be described as a golden flecked knit.

Skirt, Warehouse, AW??
Top, Tesco 
Jumper, H&M
Belt, Warehouse
Boots, Dune

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