Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I wore today

Today I wore one of my favourite dresses. It's by Hoss Intropia, a Spanish label, which I discovered a while ago and who recently (hallelujah) opened an eShop. This dress channels the "sofa print" trend and I think it has a bit of a 60s vibe going one. As it's still not even near spring-temperature-like, I wore a thin longsleeve top underneath.

Somebody was poking fun at the fact that
a) I cut off/cover my face in my photos and
b) always cross my legs in them, too.

a) Well, not only is it pretty awkward taking pictures of yourself in a mirror (which obviously also means, no flash), I am also not a big fan of being in photographs and am trying to get over that awkwardness myself.
b) dto awkwardness... or I could just pass it off as my signature thing.

As my camera is covering part of the dress, two full body shots.


Dress, Hoss Intropia, AW10
Boots, Dune, ??
Necklaces, ??

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