Monday, March 12, 2012

Springtime Laptop Bags

I'm a bit of a geek. Not necessarily in a sit-in-a-corner-capable-of-a-Salander-like-hacker-overtake fashion and not even in a know-lots-of-answers-at-University-Challenge way. But I do like my gadgets, have been known to enjoy playing the odd board game (and no, Monopoly & co do not count!), put my CDs in alphabetical order and probably get most excited about accessories that have a real use and aren't just pretty to look at.

There is my Smythson iPhone cover in a gorgeous minty colour. My monogrammed Smythson travel wallet, which Mr. G gave me for my last birthday (and almost made me cry) and my Mulberry wallet (currently at the Mulberry clinic). All of these were selected carefully not just on looks but mainly on function, in fact, I stopped just short of unloading my wallet's content in the Mulberry store to stuff it all into some of the goods on display.

Carrying around my company laptop in its Dell bag, was not exactly a pleasant experience. Not only was the bag ugly (black, cheap polyester), it also wasn't as practical as I would have hoped an ugly bag to be; the strap for example was so long, that I could not carry it on my shoulder comfortably.

Looking for an alternative, I soon stumbled across Knomo, stylish, yet clever and functional bags for your laptop. I have since acquired a few different bags, trolleys and laptop sleeves there and can only recommend them for their quality, well-thought-out details and easy style.

I am currently carrying my laptop in this black Carnaby model, very classic and (I like this) not obviously looking like a laptop bag.

With spring in the air, fresh colours soon to be on my feet, and the highstreet awash with even more colour, I am lusting after something a bit fresher and in keeping with my brighter mood, so these are my favourites:

Springtime laptop bags

£950 Mulberry

£795 Mulberry

£245 LK Bennett

£150 Knomo

£40 Asos

£245 LK Bennett

£245 LK Bennett

£150 Knomo

Now, they are not all strictly speaking laptop bags, but big enough to accommodate one (within a sleeve, so there is my practical side coming through) and buying an item that can multi-task surely is the epitome of practicality?!

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