Thursday, March 08, 2012

Marni at H&M - the day it all happened!

So today is the big day we've all been waiting for: the collaboration between Marni's creative mastermind Consuelo Castiglioni and H&M would finally open to the masses.

I had been debating whether to take my chances online or in store and decided that queuing early-ish should give me a good chance obtaining the coveted necklaces & dresses I've been obsessing about. Tweets and reports of people camping out the night before and stories of rampages during the last designer range's launch (Versace) had me doubt whether I'd stand any chance but as I have a full-time job, the camp-out method wasn't really an option. As the stores opened at 9am, I decided to get there for 7am. Early but not the middle of the night. I chose the Manchester Market Street store as it's close to work.

On my way there I read that the London Oxford Street store had people queuing around the block and expected the worst. Imagine my delight and surprise when I turned up at my target store with only about 20 people queuing! 

The queue at 7:30 

Not only weren't there too many shoppers, they also proved to be a nice crowd and we chatted exchanging more and less mad shopping stories.

I couldn't help but think what my dad would make of all of this. ("You queued? For clothes?!") Having grown up with a great grandad from East Germany and remembering that I probably queued last at a shop when we were visiting him in the 80s, waiting outside a bakery in the hope of being able to purchase some bread, I had a bit of a chuckle myself.)


 ...and including me.

Ok, this has to stay here as a comment was made re. the tracksuit...

At about 8am a couple of very polite security staff came out, explaining the rules ("up to menswear first for 10 minutes, then, for your allocated timeslot down to womenswear, you've got 10 minutes to make your selection, only 1 item per colour & size, then you can try on or pay" - *deep breath*) and that we'd receive a wristband indicating which timeslot we'd be allowed to shop in. Shortly after that, we received said wristbands (9:10). We were allowed into menswear just before 9 (I decided to get a shirt for my boyfriend, let's see what he'll make of it) and then wandered down to the womenswear section. We formed a very orderly queue ("guided" by what can only be described as a cattle pen) and watched the first group frantically finishing their selections ("2 more minutes").

"No photos!"


Then it was our turn. As the group was relatively small (20?) it wasn't too bad, even though the Marni area was small, there was plenty of stock. Bar bumping into people, there were no major incidents. After the 10 minutes were up we were given the option to try on before we buy. Staff were incredibly helpful and polite (big thank you at this point!) but as the next group were snapping at our heels, I only tried on a few things about which I hadn't been sure anyway and then made my way to the till with everything else. I will have to try on these properly at home and make my final decision. H&M grants 7 days returns for the Marni items - a departure from the usual 28 days.

Anyway, so what did I buy?
3 necklaces
2 cardigans
1 skirt
1 top
2 dresses
1 collar
... and a men's shirt

I shall try and report tonight what's for keeps and if I 'done good!

(btw: I wanted to take some more pictures in the store but was told that it is not permitted as "it's branding and we don't know what you do with the photos". Hm...)

Anyway, let me know if you went Marni mad!


  1. That marni tracksuit worn by the chap in the third picture is very fetching.

  2. Yes. Don't you know that Marni has a new tracksuit collection??
    Now I moved that picture onto space 1 though as that's where it was supposed to have been!


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