Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Manchester Craft & Design Centre

I am really lucky to be working in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Not only are there lots of nice cafes, bars and little eateries, there are also shops that provide a bit of an alternative to Britain's great highstreet.

One of the great places I stumbled upon is the Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

Manchester Craft and Design, who runs the centre, is a not-for-profit social enterprise that supports local artists and craftspeople. The artists can rent a studio in the fantastic airy space, use it as a work- and retail space and profit from the footfall the centre enjoys. Disciplines range from jewellery over sculpting and painting to clothing and homewares. The studios are a joy to wander through, most of the items on display incredibly covetable and the artists are usually more than happy to have a chat about their work.

I tend to be most tempted by the jewellery and my personal favourites are:

Wonderhaus - Julia Roy Williams
Jewellery made from perspex, wood or leather. Amazing statement pieces!

images from Wonderhaus

Blac (By Lindholm and Clark)
Handmade statement jewellery mainly made from acrylic that has a distinct gothic feeling to it.

image from Blac

Designers Eclectic
This studio is shared by 5 jewellers: Stephanie Brown, Jane Dzisiewski , Sue Barry, Michelle Appleton and Helen Pickering. I love the mix of the traditional with the new, be it materials or how they are worked.

The perfect place, if you fancy a trip off the beaten track and the possibility of discovering some amazing new talent!

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