Sunday, March 11, 2012

First play at Motilo

Fellow-blogger Laura has pointed me in the direction of Motilo, which allows you to create looks in a form of a collage.

I have been using Polyvore until now and thought, I'd give Motilo a go.  Nice toy but I am either too daft to find it or there really is no possibility to tag/add your own items (which is what you can do on Polyvore).

Anyway, the look above is a pretty, romantic yet modern outfit for a date, wedding, stroll around the park. All we need is sunshine now...


  1. Hi Stef,

    We love your look, that Giambattista Valli dress is so cute!

    Thanks for your feedback on the site. We are currently working on new features for the site which will be finalised this year. Have you tried the shop together feature?

    Love Motilo

  2. Hi Motilo,

    Thanks, glad you like it! :)

    I have been an avid Polyvore girl but I have to admit that visually Motilo is just nicer. I am looking forward to your upcoming releases, keep me in the loop and you might have a converted girl! ;)



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