Friday, March 09, 2012

Marni - a life after H&M

So were you there yesterday? Queuing? Or sitting in front of your PC doing it virtual style? And if so, were you successful? You might have seen that I was (still thrilled with it) and you might think that my hunger for Marni might be sated. Well. Yes and no. Owning these pieces does put a smile on my face. Having obtained them not so easily, satisfies something inside of me; guess that's the whole hunter/gatherer thing happening. Wearing them will do that even more so and I am a full convert and sure I will go back to the design house at some point soon.

For now, I am pretty much spent up, so the real type of shopping won't really be an option for now. However, I still like to press my nose up at the online window and dream of what I would do with this dress or that coat. And currently one of my favourite pressing-my-nose-up-against-the-window-places is Moda Operandi. With my attention very much H&M focused, I had completely missed that MO were trunk-showing Marni AW12.

So whether you managed to obtain a piece of coveted Marni at H&M yesterday and are lusting for more or whether you weren't so lucky and feel the need to own a piece of Marni-magic, Moda Operandi will give you the opportunity to get your hand on some beautiful AW12 items.

Sure, you'll have to dig a bit deeper but I can promise you that no camping out, elbowing or even queuing will be necessary. All you need to do is put half the selling price down now and the other half when the item is shipped nearer AW12.


images from Moda Operandi

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