Monday, March 05, 2012

What I wore today

Really?! I actually wasn't going to do this. The whole: "this is what I pulled out of my wardrobe and this is how I look in it". Partially because I actually don't tend to like myself in photographs (to the extend that people ask "were you there on that holiday?!"), partially because I always think people who usually do share what they wear with the rest of the world via the www are so much cooler than me.

Anyway, as much as I have enjoyed writing about where I like to shop, which collections I am drooling over and what I enjoy to wear, I thought it was getting a bit too... theoretical. So here I am, posing strangely in front of a temporarily re-located mirror, trying to get my outfit in, trying to leave the mess around me out - without it looking too obvious that this is exactly what I'm doing.

Aaaaanyway. Because what actually matters is, what I did wear today.

Right, then:
Dress, Whistles (think AW11)
Cardigan, H&M (SS11)
Belt, Reiss (SS11)
Boots, LK Bennet (AW10)
Watch, Swatch (??)
Necklace, Accessorize (??)

As it was rather cold I wore black opaques & boots and also a thin black long sleeve top underneath (can't remember who that's from).

Even though I am not wearing anything new from this season, I think this dress works great referencing the tribal trend and the belt gives a bit of pretty pastel colour. Besides that, you know that I simply love multi-tonal jewellery!

So have a good dig in your wardrobe and find some gems that are bang up to date - then mix in that latest purchase! ;)

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