Saturday, March 17, 2012

Patterned Blazer - wear it forever?

So I've been wearing my plain blazers like the good girl that I am and even if we're talking pastel colours, they will stand the test of time and give me a fantastic cost per wear ratio.

But what about patterned blazers? I have a H&M blazer that sits in the back of my wardrobe and rarely sees the light of day and this is mainly due that its pale blue floral pattern doesn't go with much. At the same time it's a bit too dull to stand out by itself.

I think the key is in getting a pattern that gives the blazer the chance to be the statement piece. Sure, this season we will be mixing and clashing our patterns but for the item to have real staying power and for you to love it and dig it out again and again, it needs to be special enough to look great next season, when we won't be so clash-mad anymore. 

There are some fantastic pieces out there, designer as well as high-street, and whereas my plain blazer top-choice was a Topshop beauty for just £40, the selection below will see me pick that beautiful tuxedo style, paisley print blazer from Etro.At £1,095 you'd want to get quite a few wears out of it!

patterned blazers - designer vs highstreet

Alexander McQueen collarless jacket
£3,275 -

Etro printed jacket
£1,095 -

River Island lace jacket
£50 -

H m jacket
£30 -

H m jacket
£15 -

Stella McCartney striped jacket
£1,125 -

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