Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seasonal Footwear

For day-to-day footwear, I go to flats. Running around in the office, through shops, airports etc. means, I just can't bear to be in heels all day. Everynow and then, I treat myself to a heel-day but when I buy any clothes, I usually make sure they go with flats.  During the winter, I pretty much live in my flat boots. 

I usually have got about 5 pairs on the go and at the moment these are:

low charcoal KGs with fake fur lining,

black DocMartens lookalikes from Dune (the real ones never fitted me properly),

black LK Bennett knee-highs,

 brown suede M&S slouchy boots with straps (a very distant Vivienne Westwood, rip-off, I guess),

 very warm, sheepskin-lined knee-highs for when it's really cold (I actually bought them in Oslo, where it was very, very cold in December 2011!).

These boots get paired - or juxtaposed - with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and as I usually wear dresses or skirts that end above the knee, I think this works just fine.

Once spring is in the air though, I can't wait to get back to some more colourful footwear. Where boots are my go-to style for autumn/winter, ballerinas are my it's-gonna-be-sunny-out choice.

Ready for the season, I have dug out some trusty pairs and topped up with a couple of new acquisitions.

From top left, clockwise:
H&M (SS12, £7.99)
H&M (SS12, £7.99)
Zara (SS11, ca. £30)
Zara (SS11, ca. £30)
Zara (SS11, ca. £30)
Dune (SS11, ca. £40)

H&M actually have a fantastic selection at the moment and I am currently tempted by a pair with a on-trend metallic toe-cap:

at £14.99 not too difficult a buying decision

I am actually also looking for a pair of spring/summer brogues - but that's really another story...

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