Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swatch vs Tiffany

No, I do not have any hot news about one of the big legal story (as reported by the Independent) surrounding the Swiss matchmaker and the place that girls dream of. I'm not so hot on my courtroom speak and actually I don't think it's that hot a story. Big money but all about a failed relationship rather than stolen designs. Well, we're not talking Louboutin vs YSL, are we?

Anyway, I just felt like a little Swatch vs. Tiffany face-off was in order. Opposite end of the budgets, but why not?!

swatch vs Tiffany
images Swatch and Tiffany

£105 -Swatch

£105 -Swatch

£111 - Swatch

Tiffany -£3,890

Tiffany - £3,890

Tiffany - £7,720

I wonder whether the lovely people at Tiffany ever considered incorporating skulls into their designs...

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