Sunday, March 04, 2012

Oh H&M, oh Marni - I can't wait!

I probably won't be giving you any news by saying that in not even four full days (= 4xsleeps!), H&M will be launching the Marni at H&M collection. 

Frankly, you must have been living under a stone if you've missed their campaign. That beautiful video, directed by Sofia Coppola makes you not only want to wear (read: buy) the entire collection and dig out your Roxy music collection (Avalon never sounded so good), it also makes you want to emigrate to Marrakesh, and take up a life of saunter around in silky dresses, lying on pillows and looking moody in the candlelight.

The wait is almost over: the collection will finally launch on 8th March 9am, online as well as in store. 

I am still debating whether to take my chance online or whether to brave the crowds at a store. I am currently leaning towards queuing up outside the Manchester Market Street store. After several of the Designers @ H&M ranges had been abused by ruthless ebay resellers, H&M has laid out the rules very clearly: one size per style and strict queuing system with 10 minutes time for each group. I just hope that turning up early in the morning will secure a coveted shopping spot. If I do go, I shall report back with some snaps of the crush!

Anyway, my current wish-list will probably have to be edited down somewhat due to a rather limited budget - so these are my favourites:

My Marni @ H&M favourites

My absolute I-have-to-have-and-can't-live-without are definitely the necklaces, I have been lusting after a Marni necklace for years! Wish me luck!

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