Monday, March 12, 2012

Louis Vuitton at Zara

No, sadly not the next amazing high-street collaboration  (can you imagine?!) but a simple observation. Yesterday I had a little wander through some shops and upon browsing through Zara, I spotted three major SS12 trends, which I had fallen in love with when Louis Vuitton paraded them around the catwalk to us months ago.

images from Louis Vuitton

Call it stealing, call it taking inspiration, I just thought they had been executed beautifully.

Summer Tweed

Pleated Skirt £29.99

Blazer 79.99

 Blazer with Zips £69.99

Frayed Jacket £49.99

Structured Mini £29.99

Pastel Lace

Dress £49.99

Dress £49.99

Blazer £69.99

Metallic Toe-Caps

Court Shoe £49.99

Court Shoe £49.99

Ballerina £29.99


So there you go: LV wardrobe for Zara prices, what's not to love?!

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