Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not so boring trousers...

I used to have a pair of trousers that Mr. G called my "Nena-Pants". They were basically a skinny jeans with a very mad flower/lip/eye/glitter (!) print on them. I know. I stopped wearing them because, well, maybe my tastes matured. The day when I thought, "oh, let's try them again" I couldn't actually close the button. So out they went and that was the end of it.

This year though, I suddenly find myself lusting after a pair of flower-pattererned trousers. They should be smart enough to wear for work with a pair of flats, work with at least some of the print tops in my wardrobe (e.g. my newly acquired Marni at H&M wardrobe) and be at the not-such-a-big-spend end of my shopping-spectrum as I have just overdone it on the Marni!

A few minutes on the www and my favourites are as follows:

Lovely pastels, good shape, right length. With £38 not dirt-cheap but within contention. (Warehouse)

 These lovelies are from next and also priced £38. I love the strong colours, tropical print and the fact that they are called "Ipanema Trousers". Just like wearing a holiday!

These are definitely my favourite find. Just the right proportion, the colours will go well (or rather, clash nicely) with the tops I had in mind and they are an absolute steal at £12.99.(H&M)

I might just have to pop back to H&M - this time, without the queue...

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